Enval Soft
Prenditela Comoda


Enval Soft shoes are distinguished for their refined style and the carefully selected materials and advanced technological know-how that go into them.
Constructed using injection technology, which allows the sole to be directly attached to the upper, Enval Soft shoes are extremely light, soft and flexible, able to absorb and cushion against shock.
The sole is made with special compounds that not only ensure lightness and flexibility but also make the shoes “athermic”.
This means that they effectively isolate the foot from the cold and heat that can be transmitted from the surfaces we walk on.
Enval Soft shoes provide comfortable support for the whole day without constriction.



Enval Soft shoes and footbeds are carefully shaped to ensure a most comfortable step. The use of soft leather also contributes to the perfect fit.
Enval Soft shoes are light and comfortable, thanks to the carefully selected materials and specific techniques used in their construction. The soles, which are made with a specific lightweight compound, have micro air particles that make them even lighter.
Enval Soft shoes are made in extremely soft leather for complete comfort, maximum adaptability of the shoe to the shape of the foot and natural breathability.
All closed Enval Soft models come with removable leather footbeds, a practical feature. Anatomically-shaped, they have been designed to provide comfortable support to the sole of the foot. If necessary, they can be substituted with a customized footbed.
The uppers are made with extremely soft leather that allows for natural breathability.
Highly breathable, our linings promote adequate circulation of air to ensure that feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.
The soles are extremely flexible because they are directly injected on the uppers using compounds with excellent elasticity. This allows for maximum freedom of movement and comfort. In addition, the midsole, uses a highly-elastic insert where the foot flexes.
Enval Soft shoes have soft padding around the ankle to protect against uncomfortable chafing. The small impacts brought on by walking are softened by the comfortable footbed and the very light polyurethane foam sole. The buffer in the back supports without constricting and promotes proper foot posture and greater stability.
The bottom in polyurethane foam ensures effective athermic protection, isolating the foot from the heat or cold outside.
logo enval texThe special Enval Tex membrane has been designed specifically to ensure long-lasting water resistance and to promote the right amount of breathability. Rain can’t get in but moisture is forced out, guaranteeing dry, comfortable feet all day long.



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